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Dermatology Companies in India

Nidus Pharma is one of the top 10 derma pharma companies in india. We are experts in manufacturing a huge range of top dermatology pharmaceutical products such as skincare and cosmetic formulations. The way we covered the entire classification of dermatology and skin care products, we are considered among the best dermatological companies in India. Nidus Pharma is the best dermatology company franchise that is recognized at almost every place in the country and various other aspects are appreciated by not only the top Dermatological pharmaceutical companies and medical market but also by the other countries in the world. We have clients in India and in several other countries where we perform the task of exportations and supplies. Our customers have great faith in us and rely on us in the pharmaceutical business. Nidus Pharma is a leading op 10 derma pharma company in india.


They specialize in an extensive range of skincare products. As a top  Dermatological pharmaceutical companies cover antibiotics, anti-allergic, etc which could be found in different forms of tablets, capsules, topical medication, oral suspension, liquid formulations, etc. Skilled and innovative professionals have helped cater to better and improved services across India. Nidus Pharma is among the reputed pcd dermatology companies that provide an extensive product portfolio that offers a wide range of skincare products. Being ISO, WHO and GMP certified top 10 Derma Company in india, Our Company is a rapidly emerging powerful Derma Company in India that offers dermatology company franchise to its collaborators. 


Our  Company Nidus Pharma is now providing business opportunities to professionals all over the India.  We are the leading Derma Company  in india with excellent business services in  Dermatology Pharma Franchise in India that provides you an opportunity to get a wide range of derma products or successful Franchise in Derma. Set forth are the advantages of choosing  Nidus Pharma, we comprise trustworthy manufacturing units.


  • Have separate division for each operation
  • Experienced and authorized manpower
  • Ensure prompt delivery
  • Good links with a range of leading institutes.
  • Highly sophisticated infrastructure unit.
  • Lab-approved product.
  • Reliable packaging of each unit
  • Large warehousing units


  1. Nidus Pharma- The best dermatology franchise company in India is Nidus Pharma. It is one of the well-recognized PCD pharma franchise companies that offer you the best quality dermatology and cosmetology medicines and products range. This company avail derma PCD Franchise on a monopoly basis along with derma range Third Party Pharma Manufacturing. They have some of the extensive collection of skincare medicines to offer for a franchise. The products made available are qualitative and innovative and are available at an affordable range. Nidus Pharma is considered among the best derma franchise company in the list of top 10 dermatology companies.


2.Cipla Limited– Cipla is one of the reputed pharma franchise companies in India that is fully committed to providing high-quality, branded and generic derma medicines. They got established in 1935. Its  Derma Franchise company manufactures products for the derma range and has been appreciated multiple times for their quality results and minimum side effects. If you have planned to start your venture then Cipla Limited is the best derma manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of skincare products in India that is listed among the top 10 dermatology companies in India.



3.Galderma India– The derma  company deals in an extensive range of Dermatology products. Their derma pharma franchise for the derma range has been appreciated multiple times for their quality results and fewer side effects.The  top quality standards and guidelines are strictly followed and they are very professional towards their services.At Galderma India, Experts have been hired to develop and maintain top-quality medicines that are competent in offering pure, safe, durable and effective skincare solutions. They come  under top 10 dermatology companies in India and  have become popular among the masses for their derma medicines which is a good business option for you. It is one of the most trustable derma companies in the derma industry that delivers the Widest collection of skincare medicines  including antibiotics, antifungal, skin lighting, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic medicines, etc.



4.Zee Laboratories–  Zee Laboratories has been offering quite genuine pharma marketing services across India. The company is engaged in an extensive range of Dermatology products.Their pharma franchise for the derma range has been appreciated multiple times for their quality results and side effects. If you have planned to start your venture then Zee Laboratories is the best  dermatology company. 


  • They are known as derma manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of skincare products in India.
  • Whole manufacturing and processing are done in company-owned GMP-WHO units that avail of world-class manufacturing solutions.
  • Top-quality standards and guidelines are strictly followed and they are very professional towards their service and offer Derma Products for its derma franchise.


5.Cutis Derma- Cutis Derma is the reputed Derma Company in India that is offering to deliver the best quality based skincare products at cost-effective price. They offer the best derma range and along with that, they are working to build a comprehensive product collection. All the derma products by Cutis Derma are manufactured in their In-House units where all the best quality ingredients are being used with high-technology machines and proper care. The effective derma range by them consists of Cream, Serum, Tablets, Lotions, Soap, Capsules, Gel, Powder, Syrups, etc. for curing many skin and hair related problems.


6.Zota Healthcare-Since 2000, Zota Healthcare is one of the reputed Derma companies in India and has been providing excellent quality derma franchise. Zota Healthcare owns qualified and experienced professionals from the Pharmaceutical industry, who by following the topmost rigid standards of production ensure the quality of products produced at the company. Experts have been hired to manufacture and maintain high-quality drugs that are competent in offering pure, safe, durable and effective medicine solutions. They have become popular among the masses for their derma medicines which is the best business option for you.its derma products and sells in India. It reserves the position in the list of  top 10 derma companies in India.


7.Ciaga PVT.LTD.-  The company provides the most effective and result-oriented skincare solutions at cost-effective rates.  Further, the derma products provided by the derma franchise company are trusted by a top dermatologist and skin care professionals for 100% safety, and efficiency. Moreover, the company is striving hard to provide cosmetics and derma products for the unmet needs of people. Therefore, with a lot of hard work and working round the clock together with a huge workforce.


8.Cubit Healthcare- Cubit Healthcare is the  best derma company in India that has been working hard and has earned good customers all over India with its quality products and services. The demand for their derma range and derma product is highly increasing throughout India.They are the WHO & GMP Certified derma Franchise Company in India. Cubit Healthcare is a Certified pharmaceutical Company that Focused strongly on Innovation and Research. The company believe in ethical business deals


9.Bioglint Derma- This derma company offers a vibrant range of derma products. Bioglint Derma engages itself in derma manufacturing of high-quality medicine solutions that are DCGI approved and fulfill the requirements for the Derma PCD Franchise in India. Get the best-appreciated derma range at a cost-effective price and enjoy all the business opportunities. The company has been working hard and has earned the best customers all over India, Their demand for derma range is rising. They offer PCD/ franchise services along with manufacturing services at huge plans. You will get the best growth opportunity and better benefits as PCD franchise owners of the derma PCD franchise and  is counted among the Top 10 dermatology companies in India


10.H and B wellness- . With the help of an extensive range of quality medicines, this company has won the trust of healthcare professionals all over India. H and B wellness has state-of-art manufacturing facilities. The infrastructural facility is completely equipped with the latest technology and advanced machinery to keep pace with global standards of its dermatology range. They deliver the best quality derma products in the market to meet customer’s requirements and satisfaction.


 The skincare market is fast-growing and expansive, ranging from cosmetic products to over-the-counter drugs, to prescription drugs.The global dermatology market is vast and evolving quickly with forecasts that indicate a global market of €81.9 billion in 2028, growing significantly from €44.1 billion in 2018. The cosmetic skin care market size was valued at €130 billion in 2016.


The dermatology market is one of the rapidly growing markets in the pharmaceutical industry. India is one of the biggest consumers of skincare products. The Indian skincare market is said to be an approximated value of Rs. 3,400 Cr. It is immensely expanding at CAGR 20 percent over half decades. The move has been quick to make the Indian dermatology market amongst the world’s largest sectors along with China. The market value has grown up to 50 percent from USD 20 billion in 2015 to USD 33.7 billion by 2022.